Fishing has always and continues to be an integral part of Captain Mike’s life.  He comes from a long line of Norwegian fisherman, so it’s no surprise that he had a fishing rod in his hand before a baseball bat!

He holds a U.S. Coast Guard 100 ton Masters License and is certified in First Aid and CPR.

According to Captain Mike, the best part of being a Captain is using his 30+ years fishing experience to put clients on fish, regardless of age and skill level.  This means sharing his knowledge of his home waters around Wilmington as well as techniques and tips he learned fishing the waters from Montauk to Miami to Maui.

Captain Mike is devoted to all things fishing. In addition to being a full-time fishing guide he fishes in professional, local, and charity tournaments; supports local, state and national conservation; researches and tests out new fishing techniques; and builds custom high-tech cutting edge fishing rods.

His custom rods of which you would be using on his charters, include the Thor Thunder Bluewater Series and Loki Lightning Coastal Series.

Capt Mike keeps up to date reports on his Blog and also contributes a fishing report to the Fisherman’s Post, one of Carolina’s premiere saltwater newspapers.

Capt Mike is proud to be a CCA Liftime Member.

He generously donates Charter Trips, Custom Riley Rods and Combo Packages to several of the CCA-NC Chapters. These have become a sought after Auction Items generating quite a bit of money over the years. He always enjoys guiding these fellow members and building them true pieces of Functional Art.